My name is Courtney Trauzzi & I have been working, volunteering, and living in the dog world for over 7 years now.

My dog obsession started when I was very young. My family has always had at least one family dog in it, but I found my true calling as I grew with our family dog Tango, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who was the loveliest boy with the roughest edges. When I left for university, I was missing both my dog and training with him which is what started my love for rescue, specifically rehabilitating and fostering.

To date, I have successfully trained 3 service dogs through Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, who are all enjoying their work lives. I have also spent the last 5+ years as a coordinator of a local rescue, and have had over 100 foster dogs in my care; some of which have been feral puppies, some have had behavioural issues and others just happy to be living the good home life!

Previously, I worked at a boarding kennel for two years and also worked at a busy emergency vet hospital in Toronto for just under three years as well. Currently, I work at a small animal vet clinic in Guelph, just three minutes from my home. From working at each of these places, I have seen how stressed dogs can get in a kennel setting and realize how important it is to make dogs feel just as at home in my care, as they are with their family!

Furthermore, after majoring in Animal Biology and minoring in Nutrition, I went back and forth regarding my long term goals and have returned to the University of Guelph to continue my studies, while focusing them primarily on animal medicine. My years of working with animals of all kinds, including being a zookeeper for three years, have helped me realize that becoming a vet is where my heart truly lies.

I currently have four dogs of my own but for my dogs sake, I currently live with three of them, while my other enjoys being spoiled by my family. Bebe is a 14.5 year old Husky mix and is my sweet angel. Hector is a 9 year old Boxer and was my very first dog (excluding my family dogs). Tessa is my 5 year old Cane Corso who is the prettiest yet silliest girl. Last but not least is Kyrie who is a 5 year old Mastiff mix and with her, I can honestly say, I have never met a dog more willing to please than her. Each have taught me so much about dogs and dog behaviour, and with my mastiffs, I have even done formal training as well as behaviour modification to help with some of the behavioural issues that they have gone through.

I am committed to ensuring that your pup is just as comfortable in my home as they are in yours. While they enjoy their time with us, I am also working towards building a life long relationship with them to ensure that each visit is a positive and lovely one.